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The bread of Luisa

The other job an apostrophe has is to show that a thing belongs to someone or something:

Ferdinand’s brain fell out. 🧠

For most nouns you simply add an apostrophe and an s to show that something belongs to someone or something:

Claudia’s phone was broken ☎

As in part 1 of the (very short) apostrophe series, this little punctuation mark actually works really hard for you. By using it, it is saving you an awful lot of words. How? Like this:

Luisa’s bread is utterly delicious 🍞**

Without an apostrophe you would have to write:

The bread of Luisa is utterly delicious 😋

and that’s just a massive waste of words.

❗ Keep it simple. ❗

When the thing or the person (the noun) already ends in an s, move the apostrophe to the end, like this:

Barnabas’ head exploded 🤯

Similarly, when the noun is plural, also move the apostrophe to the end:

The surfers’ club was cancelled 🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️

Putting the apostrophe at the end means we know that we are referring to multiple surfers.

❗ The only time when you should not use an apostrophe to indicate possession is with “its.”

If you added an apostrophe, it would turn it into:


and we’ve already established that that means ‘it is’.

Use this as a reminder:

▪ His



No apostrophe in any of those 3 possessives. 👎

What can I say? That’s the joy of the English language! Just when you think you’ve got the rule pinned down, a curveball is thrown. I didn’t write the rules, I just adhere to them. 🤷‍♀️

🔸I advocate plain English. There is no need to make things complicated. Using correct grammar really helps in keeping things simple and improves the readability of your text. A misplaced apostrophe or a missed ‘autocorrect’ can skew and change the whole meaning of your message. I am trained and experienced in spotting these errors and rectifying them before your text reaches your audience.

🔸As a business owner, report writer, author, make it as easy as you can for your reader to ‘get’ your message.

🔸I can help you with that. I know the grammar rules, I am trained in plain English writing and I am highly experienced in making things clear.

✔Contact me for more information.

**Luisa’s bread really is delicious. I wasn’t lying.

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