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Who vs whom

I’ll do it in two parts to give your head time to absorb it all 🤯

📉 Apparently, over the last 200 years, the pronoun ‘whom’ has been on a steady decline. If ‘whom’ is on the decline, then ‘who’ must be growing in popularity 📈

The two may seem interchangeable, but are they?

I could witter on about ‘who’ functioning in a sentence as a subject, and ‘whom’ as an object, but I guess all you really want to know is a top tip for getting it right? 👩‍🏫

🤔 It helps if you think of ‘who’ in a similar way to: I, he, she, we and they.

These pronouns are being used as the subject of the sentence. This means they PERFORM ACTIONS:

Who ate all the cakes? 🍰🍰

I’m not sure who made me eat them. 😋

Do you know who baked the cakes? 🥯🧁

🕵️‍♂️ Think of ‘who’ as a person:

Who ate the cakes.

Who made me eat them (I think 😉).

Who baked the cakes.

(Who seems to be a very busy person 🤩)

OK. Hold that thought!

Go and absorb and work it through…..part 2 will add some confusion to your day! 😕😁

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