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That dingly dangly thing

Apostrophes (part 1 😉 )

Where to begin with that teeny, tiny, little dangly punctuation mark?

They have two main uses:

✅ To indicate that something is missing

✅ To indicate possession

I’ll use the example given by a friend earlier this week:

It can be the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit. 😂

So, what’s the little apostrophe doing to change the meaning of that sentence? Well, in this case it’s working very hard to indicate that something is missing:

you are shit = you[a]re shit = you’re shit. 💩


I have eaten a carrot = I[ha]ve eaten a carrot = I’ve eaten a carrot 🥕

We will dance all night = we[wi]ll dance all night = we’ll dance all night 💃

He is utterly amazing = he[i]s utterly amazing = he’s utterly amazing 😎

She will make you smile = she[wi]ll make you smile = she’ll make you smile 😁

They can also be used at the start of a word to indicate that something is missing:

The 1970s = the ‘70s

Or in the middle:

He’s a ne’er do well

But this use is only really used in poetry, songs and in colloquialisms and local dialect, such as where I’m from:

She ha’n’t brought ‘er car = she hasn’t brought her car (phonetically it’s: ‘she ant brought er car’ 🤣)

Getting apostrophes wrong can completely change what you want to say. I know how they should be used.

If you have a message you want to promote, then let me help you turn your words into professionally written content. Make it easy for your audience to read exactly what it is you are saying.

Contact me via the message button on my FB page.

I can’t wait to work with you.

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