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Isn't it just reading?

"But it's just reading isn't it?"

Sure, reading is part of it.

However, if it was 'just reading' then I may as well have not bothered with school or university. I have been reading since I was 4 years old (I learnt before I went to school ). I could have been a competent proofreader by the time I was 10.

But it's not 'just reading'.

It's analysing, scrutinising, understanding language, grammar, and spelling.

It's knowing how to approach a document.

It's knowing that autocorrect makes mistakes.

It's knowing that a misaligned line makes the layout look off.

It's recognising that one word in the document is in a different font from the rest (it happens......I don't know how, but it happens).

It's making sure that the titles line up with the photos.

It's (sometimes) making sure the photos are the right way round.

It's checking references and page numbers (if you have a big document).

It's making sure the email addresses and phone numbers are correct before you go to the printers.

It's SO much more than "just reading".

It's making sure your customers know that YOU have that attention to detail on the 'little' things, which means they trust you with the 'bigger' things.

I'm your eagle-eyed guardian!

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