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I just have a lot to say.

As part of my admin role, I had to format some press releases but noticed that there were a few minor slips in the copy. Checking with my manager, (because no-one likes a know-it-all 🤓) I corrected the errors before sending the press releases to publish.

👀 I then began receiving more ‘could you just run your eyes over this’ type emails, until all my emails became ‘please can you edit and proof this briefing / report / e-learning tool’ and my whole job was copyediting and proofreading.

Oh, glorious day! ⭐⭐

Since then I have learnt about the FSRA, the ADGM, MiFID firms, AML, CFT..…..and the rest. I have been aghast as I read of financial institutions being fined millions of pounds for easily avoidable breaches in compliance, how bankers have been banned, fined and imprisoned for committing fraud (the audacity!), and how hard the regulators are working to protect us from people like that.

I have enjoyed proofreading many e-learning exam modules on such fine practices such as money laundering (why it’s bad), ‘know-your-customer’, due diligence frameworks, market abuse, and fraud prevention. 📈💰

I both passed and failed the exams.✅ (When proofing an online exam I have to check the copy in all the wrong answers as well as all the right ones.)

📰📉📋I have copyedited websites, reports and marketing material.

But, more importantly, I have learnt the art of copyediting, proofreading, style guides, project management and other components which make me an efficient proofreader. 👀

🥇I have undertaken (and passed) official training on how to proofread properly, how to write in plain English, how to compile style guides, and how to do it all effectively and thoroughly. 🖋✒

I am allowed to display this logo to show my membership and training with the Chartered Institute for Editing and Proofreading (they are hard taskmasters)

So here we are. Right up to date.

I hope that you like what I have to offer, will spread the word and if you know anyone with a message to convey, send them my way.

I want to make your message clear.

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