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Advice on practising your licence

✒Who would like another top tip? ✒

Let’s go……..

What is the difference between practice and practise? 🤔

These two often trip people up, but they are not interchangeable:

🔸Practice is a noun (in this context, a place or a thing).

🔸Practise is a verb.

For example:

Joel is going to tennis practice tonight = tennis practice is a place / thing. 🎾

Joel is going to practise tennis tonight = ‘to practise’ is the verb >> he is going to practise tennis (verb). 🎾

Some more examples:

🩺Doctors practise medicine at the doctors’ practice ** = the doctors are ‘doing’ medicine (verb) at their place of work, the practice (place) belonging to the doctors.

This rule also applies to licence and license, as well as advice and advise.

🍺The pub has an alcohol licence.

🥤The publican is licensed to serve snakebite and black.

💰The bank has a licence to trade >> a ‘thing’.

💰The bank is licensed to trade >> a verb.

See where we’re going with this? ✅

Most people know the difference between advice and advise (sometimes it gets muddled up in auto[in]correct but that’s the sort of thing a professional proofreader, i.e. me, would pick up 😁).

👀I will offer you my amazing proofreading advice.

🤓I will advise you on your text.

My advice 😉 is to know when you use ‘advice’ and ‘advise’ and, if you are struggling with licence/license or practice / practise, temporarily substitute either ‘advice’ or ‘advise’ to see whether you want the noun or the verb version.

Like this terrible example here:

🏉I want to practise / practice rugby >> I want to advise / advice rugby >> I want to advise rugby = I want to practise rugby.

It’s a horribly clumsy explanation, but it might help somebody!! Or, just make sure you know whether you want the noun (person, place, thing) or the verb (‘doing’ word).

Can you think of any better ways of quickly remembering the difference?

**(did you notice my sneaky inclusion of a plural possessive apostrophe?! 😉 I like to keep you on the ball)

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