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Teresa Lindeyer Proofreading

Teresa Lindeyer Proofreading

You only have one chance to make a first impression.

Make yours clear, consistent and effective.

Teresa Lindeyer Proofreading offers a specialised editing service to make sure your words stand out, turning your writing from ‘information’ to professionally written content designed to engage and inspire. 

With a keen eye for detail, Teresa's experience and industry-trained proficiency enables her to instil trust in your readers, as attention to the small details fosters credibility in the bigger matters. 


Whatever audience you are writing for, allow Teresa Lindeyer Proofreading to work with you to maintain your author voice, make your words shine and bring that final polish to your writing journey.

Teresa works with...

 Businesses seeking assistance with:

  • websites

  • flyers

  • business cards

  • blog posts

  • email newsletters

  • social media content

Teresa ensures accessibility and clarity to your written content, catching any minor slip-ups that could cause embarrassment or loss of sales. 


She also works with copywriting agencies who may find themselves caught in the cycle of liaising, researching, writing, rewriting, editing, and tweaking. Teresa provides a fresh pair of eyes for a final read, catching anything that may have slipped through ​and has experience proofreading and copyediting:

  • press releases and research projects which all need to be accurate, consistent and professionally presented. Teresa’s objective scrutiny will highlight alienating in-house jargon (for B2C) and ensure consistent terminology (for B2B).

  • company reports which are often written by different authors, but Teresa understands the importance of having a consistent ‘author voice’ throughout (appropriate to the house style and company branding). ​

  • educational research reports in which Teresa ensures clarity of style, flags any obvious factual inaccuracies, makes sure that names and organisations are accurate, checks that tables and graphs are correctly titled (and that statistics add up, where necessary), maintains consistency – headings, capital letters, hyphens, spelling – and checks that contents pages match up to their page numbers.​

Teresa has strong working relationships with: ​

  • international marketing agencies, where she has helped overseas clients break into the UK market, working on the translated marketing copy to ensure that words are appropriately nuanced, sentences are structured properly and the overall tone is accessible.

  • translation agencies wanting to make certain that their copy is more than just a literal translation of words, ensuring it is accessible and makes sense to English readers. 


Teresa Lindeyer Proofreading_edited.jpg
  • If you have a non-fiction book inside of you, bursting to be set free, Teresa can guide you. Self-publishing is a great way to reach a wider audience and she works with a self-publishing book team, offering copyediting and proofreading services to subject specialists, helping them to publish books that make a meaningful impact. She has proofread short fiction stories written originally in Swedish and translated to English, looking out for minor nuances of language and sense.

  • If you are an e-learning company, Teresa serves as your safety net, guaranteeing that your courses reflect the high standards you promote. 

  • When dealing with personal writing endeavours, such as life-changing job applications, crucial letters, or even if you just struggle with English, Teresa can support you to strike the right tone. She has proofread recipes and menus – in one instance, saving cooks from adding a tablespoon of wasabi instead of a teaspoon. The difference could have been mind-blowing!​


'Excellent! ...Your dedication in cross-checking, asking for more explanation whenever things may be unclear and your spot-on timing have been invaluable on the projects you've worked on for us, and have definitely improved the quality of writing.


Anita Gera, Managing Director

Teresa Lindeyer Proofreading
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